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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly known as OSHA, was created in 1970 to protect workers from on the job hazards. Whether you’re running a large company or a small business, following OSHA standards is required by law. Making sure your workplace is compliant will protect you and your employees, and help increase productivity and profitability for your business. Here are a few basic things to keep in mind. 


OSHA ensures that your business is following safe practices. No matter what industry you’re in, employees need to have proper training. This can include standard safety procedures, like what to do in the event of a fire, or more detailed training about equipment or company-specific regulations. If your company is large enough to include a hierarchy of managers and direct reports, OSHA compliance may include training about harassment or other sensitive matters. As a leader in your company, you need to be sure that your team has the information they need to do their jobs well. 


Staying up-to-date with OSHA standards has significant effects on workplace safety. Since OSHA was implemented in 1971, workplace injuries have dropped by over 50%. Accidents can occur in any industry, but making sure your team knows what to do when something goes wrong will protect them and keep a bad situation from getting worse. Aside from safety training, OSHA helps establish a positive work environment for everyone involved. You don’t want an employee who harasses their coworkers or jeopardizes your company’s physical and intellectual property. Following OSHA guidelines is a simple way to protect your business, and more importantly, your team’s physical and mental well-being. 


Depending on your industry or the size of your company, you may be required to pass regular OSHA inspections. It’s also possible for an employee to request an inspection if they feel their workplace is operating outside of safety requirements. Properly training your employees on how to stay compliant with OSHA standards and how to handle an inspection will protect your company from facing significant repercussions.


OSHA exists to protect workers. If your workplace isn’t compliant, you could face penalties ranging from citations and fees to being shut down completely. Review your workplace safety procedures on a regular basis (once a year is usually sufficient) and make sure any necessary information is posted where everyone can access it. Conducting annual training sessions will ensure that your team is operating in a safe and efficient manner, as well as protect your business from any potential lawsuits or other legal issues. 

Most employers are good people who want their staff to succeed. While some OSHA guidelines may seem like common sense, making sure your team has the right training is crucial to maintaining a positive and productive workplace. When you’re ready to find the right people for your company, give us a call!