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By using AllCheck Screening Services, Inc’s website (hereafter “Website”) you agree to be bound by its terms of service and sale, legal notices and disclaimers, and privacy policy.  By utilizing any of the Website or its related services, or when we successfully process your pending purchase, you agree that you have entered into a legal and enforceable agreement with AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. and accept the terms & conditions as posted.

Each time you use any of the Website’s services, you reaffirm your acceptance of the then-current posted agreements. You cannot purchase any of the services offered at any time unless you have accepted the terms and conditions of the agreements.

Only individuals who are United States residents and who are eighteen (18) years of age or older may create and conduct an account. Accounts are for the purpose of the individual user and you are strictly prohibited from allowing third parties to use your account. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, including your user ID and password, and you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. for losses incurred due to any misuse of your account. Reports are submitted in strict confidence and except where required by law, no information provided in our reports may be revealed directly or indirectly to any person except to those whose official duties require them to view the report.

By conducting searches on the website or via fax/e-mail you represent and warrant that you shall not use the data for unlawful purposes. Examples of unlawful purposes include, but are not limited to: (a) stalking or harassing any individual, (b) requesting information under false pretenses, and (c) using data for other purposes prohibited by law. You further agree that you shall not access, reproduce, duplicate, sell, resell, transfer, or exploit the data fort any commercial purposes.

When requesting searches via the Website, you agree to have the written consent of the searchable party in question. You agree you are in compliance with all applicable state and federal requirements concerning access to or use of motor vehicle records, credit reports, criminal records, or any other related reports governed by the individual states. In this regard, the user will hold AllCheck Screening Services, Inc, its officers, employees or any company AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. uses to obtain reports, harmless from and against any expense or damages resulting from the publishing of report information contrary to these conditions.

You understand that all information provided by AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. is only current as of the date provided and is made available on an “as is” basis. AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. cannot be responsible for record keeping practices of third parties, such as, but not limited to; the department of motor vehicles, county, state and federal courts, state and regional prisons, state medical boards and other professional licensing organizations. The user recognizes that information is secured by and through fallible human resources. You agree to release AllCheck Screening Services, Inc., its officers and employees from liability for any errors and/or omissions contained in reports prepared by third parties and from any loss or expense suffered by the user directly or indirectly from AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. reports.

You agree that this disclaimer constitutes all conditions of service and of reporting, present and future, applies to all reports made by AllCheck Screening Services, Inc. and is binding in all 50 states. Our reports are not intended to serve as recommendations of whether to hire/rent to the individual investigated, nor are they to serve as legal advice. Information is a complication of public records, manual searches, and telephone interviews. Information is reportable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act or other federal or state laws. You should always seek legal advice from your attorney.

Account holders agree to pay for all services according to the rate schedule in effect at the time services are rendered within thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Account holders also agree to pay a one and one half percent (1 ½%) per month late charge for payments made past the due date. In the event of non-payment after 90 days, the user agrees to pay for all attorneys fees, litigation costs, court costs and/or collection fees associated with obtaining the full balance due on the delinquent account.

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