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The Importance of Tenant Screening

If you own a house or manage a property that is up for rent, you may think that getting it leased out is your top priority. That is incorrect. Your top priority is finding quality tenants to lease it out to! The right people inside the home will guarantee an income for you, keep the home in good condition, and make your life a lot easier. The wrong tenants will destroy the property, upset the neighborhood, and even possibly land you in legal trouble. Not to mention, the wrong tenants won’t even pay their rent on time – or at all! Is this all just a big guessing game as to which kind of tenant you ultimately put into your property? No! You can bring in a reliable third-party company for tenant screening and know exactly what and who you are getting.

Tenants with a history of not paying their rent, that have been evicted in the past, or have a criminal record are more likely to cause problems. Allowing someone to move in without investigating the applicant’s background can be a recipe for disaster. Effective tenant screening services help you get a detailed report on their history, criminal records, credit score, eviction history, sex offense or terrorism charges, and much more. Comparing the results of tenant screening reports with the rental application and personal correspondence will help you determine if the applicant meets the requirement of a valuable tenant.

If this property is an apartment complex or duplex, tenants who already reside in your property have a right to enjoy stress-free and enjoyable home environment. A failure on your part to properly vet incoming neighbors for them can mean they are all of a sudden living next to loud partiers, at best, and a sex offender or terrorist, at worst.

Obtaining tenant screening reports must be on your priority list because it can help you lessen both the potential risk and future liability. For this, you should bring in AllCheck Screening Services. Our services will reduce damage to your property and improve long-term occupancy. To discuss your options, please call (770) 592-7411.

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