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The Importance of
Pre-Employment Screening

Did you know that as an employer, you could be responsible for what an employee does even if they are off the clock and out of uniform? If someone is dangerous or careless, this could be potentially devastating for you, both financially and emotionally. Your brand could be tarnished by someone you barely even know, even if they lied to you during the interview process. You don’t have to take these kinds of risks, though.

All Check Screen offers pre-employment screening for this exact reason. If you hire a sex offender to be around families or a drug addict to handle cash, you are going to have serious problems. Don’t allow someone to lie to you and put everything you have worked for in jeopardy! Our pre-employment screening helps you avoid the time and cost associated with recruiting and training employees you shouldn’t have hired in the first place. These verifications provide insight into an applicant’s work history, financial responsibility, driving records, and previous addresses. We also offer real-time criminal record investigations by going directly to the county, state, and national records.

As unfair as it is, employers can and are being held responsible for the willful misconduct of their employees, even if employees’ actions occur outside the scope or place of employment. It is All Check Screen’s mission to help our clients be safe and stay safe by selecting the most qualified applicants for the positions being staffed. We know that by fulfilling our mission, your company will be better off. Get started today! Once we receive and process your form, we will send you a confirmation email and you’ll be all set to use our services.

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