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FDA/ORA Debarment List in Atlanta, GA

Working for a food or drug company is a very important job, and the public’s safety rests on those in these positions upholding standards of honesty. It is so important, in fact, that an employee can be put on the debarment list for breaking ethical codes and be forced to change professions all together. Individuals can put on the debarment list for lying to FDA investigators, paying or accepting bribes, and selling prescription drug samples, among others. FDA’s authority to debar people from the drug industry comes from the Generic Drug Enforcement Act of 1992, often called the “debarment act” because it authorizes, and sometimes even requires, FDA to forbid people (or entire companies!) convicted of certain crimes from participating in the industry any longer. Usually, these are crimes related to FDA’s regulation of drugs.

If you run a food or drug company, it is your responsibility to check this list before any new hires. If you fail to do so, either knowingly or not, and hire someone off this debarment list your company could be facing stiff penalties. Not only that, but you’d be hiring something who has already proven to be unscrupulous! Don’t take that risk; make sure everyone you hire is responsible, trustworthy, and not on the FDA’s list.

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