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Education Verification Service

Hiring managers often have a lot of applicants to sort through and check details on. The degree held or university attended can be the deciding factor on hiring one person over another. Education Verification checks are a valuable tool in these pre-employment background checks. One of these checks can confirm whether your candidate has earned the diploma or degree claimed, which then either highlights the applicant’s qualifications or even possibly reveals a harsh truth about their honesty and integrity.

Verifying someone’s educational history can be time-consuming, difficult and error prone for a variety of reasons. Colleges, universities, or technical institutes contacted to confirm the history may be slow to respond, and applicants can sometimes provide less-than-accurate information. Don’t go through this arduous task alone; allow the professionals at All Check Screening Services to conduct Education Verifications for you. Our degree verification process includes the authentication of high school diplomas, GED’s, trade certificates, and post-secondary degrees. We can even confirm the applicant’s dates of attendance and the type of degree that was earned, including their major. Don’t take chances hiring someone without an Educational Verification; bring in AllCheck Screening Services.

Save time and money by hiring honest, truly qualified people. At AllCheck Screening Services, our customized solutions help you minimize risk and promote safety, prevention and productivity. If you choose our services, you can help eliminate high risks by knowing exactly who you’re hiring. Call us now at (770) 592-7411 or send us a message by filling out our simple form.

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