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In today’s world, it’s common for businesses in every industry to conduct a background check on their potential employees. These checks can include looking into a new hire’s criminal history, credit report, driving records, drug screenings or other reports. The type of check the business conducts will often depend on the industry — for example, a trucking company may look more closely at a new hire’s driving record than their credit report, while a daycare might be more concerned with any potential criminal history or proof of drug use.

A recent survey by the Professional Background Screening Association asked HR professionals from across the country about their companies’ screening policies. Over 1500 participants, representing a wide variety of industries and employment opportunities, shared their experiences. The survey showed that 96% of employers conduct at least one form of background screening. The overwhelming majority of those employers (97%) are looking at their potential hire’s criminal history, both on the statewide and national databases. In addition to criminal background checks, 87% of companies look into their potential employee’s credit history, and 53% check to verify education status. 

Most companies said that safety is the main reason they conduct these screenings. Workplace violence has become unfortunately common, and employers need to know that they’re doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and the general public. Other reasons for performing background checks include protecting the company’s reputation, improving the quality of hires, and complying with industry-specific laws and regulations. 

Very few survey respondents — only 4% — said that their companies don’t rely on any type of background check. The most common reasons they gave for not using pre-employment screenings was the cost of services and the length of time to receive the reports.  

Business owners shouldn’t have to weigh the safety of their employees and customers against the cost of these services. With AllCheck, you only pay for the screenings you request. We’ll help you create a custom screening package that fits your company’s needs, so you can be sure you’re making the best possible choice for your business.