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The work week can be long, and by the time Friday finally rolls around everyone is counting down the minutes until they can head out the door for the weekend. While it’s important to maintain a professional environment, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun at the office every now and then. “Fun Fridays” are a popular way to boost morale, build camaraderie, and show your team that you appreciate the hard work they’ve put in all week. These are a few easy ways to jump start the weekend and keep the good vibes flowing in your workplace:

1) Have a Friday Feast.

Take your team out to lunch, or order catering from your favorite local spot. Give yourselves a break from the daily grind and connect with each other as people. How is Nancy’s daughter liking her new school? Did John’s wife get the promotion she wanted? It’s easy to forget that your coworkers have full lives outside of the office. Plus, who doesn’t love a free lunch? 

2) Make it a Theme Day.

If you work in a more formal environment, this could be as simple as a “casual dress day” that gives everyone a break from stuffy office clothes (especially in the summertime). If your office dress code is already pretty laid back, try adding some flair by encouraging people to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts or 80s gear. You can even carry the theme further by bringing in themed lunch or giving prizes for the best outfits.

3) Rock a Friday Playlist.

Create a collaborative playlist that allows everyone to add their favorite (workplace appropriate) tunes, set up speakers in a central location like the break room or main work area, and let the music take it from there. Who knew that Dave in accounting and Sara from IT were both huge polka fans? Or that soft-spoken Larry knows the words to every Iron Maiden song? This will give everyone a chance to hear their chosen song, and showcase the similarities and differences that make your team unique. 

4) Bring Your Furry Friends.

Come on, is there anything better than an office full of doggos? Having a few friendly woofers around is a great way to put everyone in a Fun Friday mood. Assuming your office space allows it, try giving people the chance to show off their four-legged family members. End-of-week reports are way more entertaining with a Golden Retriever at your feet!

5) Early Release Day. 

This is an easy one. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to start the weekend a few hours early? If your work schedule allows it, let your team take advantage of “Friday Hours” and head out after lunch. Bonus points if you make it a surprise!  

A positive environment is key to building a thriving business. Contact AllCheck today to find out how we can help you find the right people to make your team succeed!