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Finding awesome tenants that will pay, stay, and maintain your rental property is the ultimate goal for any landlord. Great tenants come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few key indicators that will distinguish between those ideal tenants, and well… everyone else. Here are six signs that someone will make a great tenant.

1. They Fill Out the Application Correctly

It seems obvious, but think about it — if your future tenant can’t bother to fill out the rental application properly, what else will they cut corners with? Attention to detail is an awesome quality to look for. This demonstrates that your potential tenant has at least a basic grasp on “adulting” and will be able to handle the responsibilities of being your tenant.

You want to avoid those who are not paying attention when you go over the details or cannot seem to fill out your application correctly. This could be a sign that they lead a chaotic life, and one you might not want crashing into your property.

2. They Act Professional 

The landlord/tenant relationship is a professional one, and the two parties wanting to enter into that relationship should act accordingly. This means showing up on time (or at least calling to tell you that they will be late). It means talking with you in a civilized manner. It means listening politely as you explain properties, policies, and procedures.

If a potential tenant is rude or disrespectful in your initial meeting, that’s a pretty clear sign that they won’t be easy to work with as a tenant. Instead, end the relationship before it even starts. It’s better to walk away and continue searching elsewhere than to let a rude and disrespectful tenant move into your property (and your life).

3. They Have Solid References

When you’re looking for a new tenant, references — both good and bad — can speak volumes. If a previous landlord has only good things to say, then you may well be on your way to having an awesome tenant. A good reference often means they paid their rent on time and did not destroy the landlord’s property. Likewise, if a previous landlord has only negative stories to share, you might need to reconsider a few things.

It’s important to dig a little deeper than just their current landlord. You never know if a current landlord is just trying to rid themselves of a problem. Try to get references from at least the last two or three landlords. 

4. They Have A “Good” Reason For Moving

When looking for awesome tenants, landlords should check out why their prospective tenant is moving. Is it a responsible reason, such as starting a new job, looking for more space, or wanting nicer amenities? Remember that you are looking for stability, and a tenant who appears to move on a whim might not be the best candidate for a long-term lease.

It’s also helpful to examine how often your potential tenant has moved. If they seem to be looking for a new living situation every few months, that could be a sign that they have issues with reliability. 

5. They Ask All the Right Questions

Potential tenants will always have questions. “What utilities are included with the rent?” or, “How are maintenance requests handled?” are examples of logical questions to ask. These types of questions demonstrate an understanding of the landlord/tenant relationship, and a sense of responsibility on their end. Red flags should be raised if a potential tenant asks questions such as, “What are your late fees?” or, “Can the security deposit be used for the last month’s rent?” This could be a sign that the tenant has had problems in the past, and could likely repeat them. 

Finding the right tenants isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible! You’ll find that most potential renters are responsible, reliable, and decent people who will do their best to make your property home. Our tenant screening packages can help with everything from verifying employment to checking past references, so you can feel confident in your decision. Give us a call today!