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4 Advantages of Pre-Screening Job Applicants for Georgia Businesses

The process of bringing in new employees is not something most small business owners or office managers look forward to. It requires countless hours of your time, between placing an ad, combing through the responses, setting up initial phone interviews, bringing in some people for face-to-face interviews, drafting up a contract, and spending time training them. It is no wonder that when an employee immediately shows signs of not being up to their hired job, companies often stick with them anyway rather than go through the process again. But, now you’re stuck with either someone who isn’t competent, at best, or who is a liar, at worst. There has to be a better way.

There is! You can bring in All Check Screening Services and actually know who you are hiring. The benefits of doing so are as follows:

#1 The Job will go to the Most Qualified Person.

We can verify prior work history, college degrees listed, and even check driving records of the applicants you’re interviewing to get a better idea of the applicant’s history.

#2 You will Weed out Risky People.

Whether they have been let go before, had lawsuits filed against them, or have an extensive criminal background- bringing them into your staff is a risk you probably aren’t willing to take.

#3 You’ll Only Spend Time with the Most-Qualified Applicants.

There will still be a choice to make at the end, but this way you can know you’re only spending time on those who are truly a good match.

#4 Your Company will be Covered.

Employers can and are being held responsible for the willful misconduct of their employees, even if employees’ actions occur outside the scope or place of employment. Don’t let a bad hire bring damaging publicity to the brand name you’ve worked so hard for!

Our pre-employment verifications provide insight into an applicant’s work history, financial responsibility, driving records, and previous addresses. We also offer real-time criminal record investigations by going directly to the county, state, and national records. Our pre-employment screening helps you avoid the time and cost associated with recruiting and training employees you shouldn’t have hired in the first place. Contact us today to get signed up.

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