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The 3 Risks of Not Doing
Pre-Employment Background Checks

When you hire new staff members at your company, are you just taking their word that everything they say or write on their resume is the truth? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. People lie, especially when they want or need a job. Everything that is written in an applicant’s resume is put there by them, so they are naturally going to make themselves look as good as possible. Without doing a pre-employment background check, you have no way of knowing if what they are saying is true, inflated, or completely made up.

#1 You could hire a criminal. If you don’t do a pre-employment background check, you might end up hiring someone who has a criminal history. Of course, some people are able to reform and change their ways, and they may have an acceptable explanation that they will talk to you about. If they are lying to you about it though, this is a sign that they are not actually changing their ways.

#2 You could hire someone who isn’t qualified. Part of a pre-employment background check is the applicant’s employment and educational history. When you don’t check a person’s past work experiences or college they received their degrees from, you have no way to verify whether or not the person applying for the job has the ability to actually do it once hired. You may end up hiring someone who is not qualified for the job.

#3 You could lose revenue. These background checks serve as a defensive tool for your company’s safety and success. The future of your business depends on your revenue, and the quality of employees has a large impact on how you operates and ultimately make enough money to stay open.

For this service, bring in AllCheck Screening Services. With our pre-employment background screening, you will save time and money by hiring the right candidates the first time.

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